Tech Trailblazers 2020

Brand Design, Website Design

The Tech Trailblazers Awards are an awards program focussing on startup excellence in the technology sector. Commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence are recognised in fields such as Ai, big data, blockchain and sustainable technology to name a few of the awards categories. 


Our partnership with the tech Trailblazers Awards began in 2011 when we designed a brand and website for the launch of the awards. Eight years later, the goal of this project was to refresh the brand and bring the awards into a new era. We kept the eight sided star form that had become integral to the brand but refined it as a logo mark. 

A new bright colour palette and web font selection were the main style updates but we also rethought the approach to image making and the way we used graphics. The outputs are now much more visual, brighter and expressive, this change helped the awards improve their engagement and reach new audiences globally.

For the 10 year anniversary a campaign style was designed, we used a limited colour palette with a bold gradient to mark the occasion and set it apart. This style was used for the layout of an in depth eBook that presented research findings, a history of the awards and experiences from previous winners and runners up.