Regan Peggs Solicitors

Branding & Identity

Regan Peggs is a legal practice based in Digbeth, near the centre of Birmingham. Through speaking to the team personally, we were interested to find that as well as the legal aspects of his work, an important part of the process was reassuring his clients and being open and honest about their legal options and positions.


We felt that this was critical to the brand design process and explored it as a theme. We developed ideas around metaphors of a Keystone to create a strong, bold and simple logomark. Accompanying type was chosen to be professional but approachable

As well as an identity, Regan required illustrated icons for his website, denoting the areas of speciality in his practice.

Tommy really listened to us - it was clear that he wanted to be sure he understood our needs. Although we were quite picky, Tommy helped us through the entire process with patience and clear enthusiasm for his art.

Seeing for the first time the logo that Tommy had created for us was a special moment. The logo felt solid and iconic - something that would take us into the future. It made us feel that our fledgling law firm was real, but more than that, it made us feel as if it had always been there.

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