Multiple Realities

Print Design

Multiple Realities was a photography exhibition, shown at Birmingham Central Library, exploring the experiences of living as a family with twins and triplets – curated by Birmingham City University. The project was overseen by the Faculty of Health and they asked us to design an Exhibition Catalogue for the photographic works and accompanying information.


The project was all about twins and triplets. We crafted a simple identity for the Exhibition based on three bright colours and we used a stencil typeface for the main titles and headings. We coloured the stencil letterforms in the different colours to represent the “multiple” nature of the births. From this we created some abstract, graphic artwork to bookend the catalogue. 

We also created a half-tone image treatment for the catalogue cover design and also for the inside front and back covers.

We designed a simple layout for the main content of the catalogue, which included information about the families involved, the photographers, some facts and figures about multiple births as well as a Foreword by Lenny Henry, Chancellor or Birmingham City University.

You can read more information about the exhibition here