Baba Namdev Marg

Brochure design, book-binding.

Baba Namdev Marg is a collection of portrait photography by Birmingham-based photographer Andy Pilsbury, from a wider collection of work during a trip to India. The name is taken from the street on which all the portraits were taken. The street captured Andy’s imagination particularly because of the variety of backgrounds and social standing of its inhabitants.


Once Andy had made his selection, he asked us to consult on the project to advise on the best way of displaying the work. Together we decided on a limited edition, A5, hand-stitched book with a screen printed cover to accompany the exhibition. We selected an appropriate typeface and set the introduction with a translucent title page in a frame to reinforce the photographic nature of the project.

Wild Ilk designed the layout and cover for a bespoke photography book that I was creating. The outcome was fantastic and really brought the whole project together. They have a clear and refined understanding of layout design and were excellent working with my imagery. I was thoroughly impressed with the cover which we screen printed for an added aesthetic. Highly recommend and will be doing business in the future.

Andy PilsburyPhotographer