Conferences & Events

Website Design

Conferences and Events is a department within the University of Birmingham. They oversee the management and marketing of a large range of events including Weddings, Conferences, Concerts and Comedy as well as loads of smaller, internal events and functions within the University.

The Conferences and Events department hired a company that works specifically in User Experience to design the wireframe of their website and they needed us to take it from a wireframe to a workable, visual design for their internal development team to build. As we usually take a creative digital project straight from initial brief to delivery, this was an interesting departure for us and allowed us to focus singularly on one stage of the design.

We had worked with the C & E team previously on print material and knew their branding so we crafted some colour and type options that fit their requirements of looking clean, smart and professional. We laid out some key pages in desktop and mobile views for the responsive build in HTML 5 and CSS.

Once the marketing team were happy with the design we created a toolkit to hand over to the dev team to build the site with type and colour references as well as some icons that we created especially for the project.